The Delightful Dog Course

Contented Canines Training School

DO YOU WANT THE PERFECT DOG? Our Delightful Dog Course is for puppies and dogs of any age and ability who are new to training. It is also the perfect follow on from our Perfect Puppy Course!

We teach you and your dog the skills and exercises you need for real life situations and then practice them in the set ups that you need them most.


  • Places are limited to 5 dogs per class to ensure individual coaching.
  • Experienced and qualified instructors.
  • Supporting videos, handouts and homework to accompany each week of the course


  • Starter pack with clicker and treats
  • Free access to our online Boredom Busters course
  • 6 x 45 minute classes
  • 1 x 60 minute Dog Problem Solver Class including Physical and Mental Exercise, Say Please Policy, and Question and Answer session


WEEK ONE – MEET AND GREET – Settle on Mat, Sit, Stop jumping up, Dog Greetings

WEEK TWO – HOME OFFICE – Settle on Mat, Lie Down, Lie Down Stay, Mental Stimulation Toys

WEEK THREE – NEIGHBOURHOOD WALK – Settle on Mat, Loose Lead Walking, Leave It, Recall

WEEK FOUR – COMPANY FOR COFFEE – Settle on Mat, Sit, Stop jumping up, Lie Down

WEEK FIVE – TRIP TO PARK – Settle on Mat, Recall, Leave It, Loose Lead Walking

WEEK SIX – DINNER TIME – Settle on Mat, Lie Down, Lie Down Stay, Leave It, Graduation

Classes are held at our venue in the centre of Glossop.

Once you have booked your place you will receive a confirmation email and a welcome pack in the post.