Being a first time dog owner


Being a first time dog owner, I learnt from attended the classes that my concerns were the same concerns of most new puppy owners. I was struggling with toilet training, leaving the puppy alone, even what toys and treats to give them. I had no idea what was normal/ to be expected. My main concern however was that I had started to worry that my beautiful puppy had some sort of biting issues. I was covered in cuts and bruises; I even had the awful thought of ‘what have I done?’

I did a lot of research into different training courses and there are a lot that look reputable, but one of the main reasons I chose contented canines is that there seemed to be a sense of community – from the puppy play groups, monthly group walks, Facebook group etc. Also in hindsight I didn’t realise how and important and beneficial the focus on socialisation would be.

Just a comment about the puppy nanny, the visits that Debbie has done with Sandie have been absolutely amazing! The service feedback I received from her has been so detailed and it’s such a joy to read, especially when Sandie has got to experience something or somewhere that I would struggle to take her due to work commitments. Also, she was really helpful and approachable in the classes. With attending the puppy classes, I feel like I have learnt so much. It has really helped with my understanding of puppies and dogs and has encouraged me to research further. Having Nicola and Debbie there to explain and answer questions was invaluable. I never felt stupid for asking my many ‘is this normal’ questions It also made me realise most of my concerns before were completely normal and the other puppies on the course were doing similar things. We both absolutely loved coming to the classes and excited to start the next course in January.

100% – I have even been recommending the course and the puppy nanny to dog owners I meet out and about, who comment on how well behaved Sandie is.