I had lessons at home with Nicola from Trixie


I had lessons at home with Nicola from Trixie being about 10 weeks old. Even though I had had dogs before, it was brilliant to have Nicola involved from the beginning, in those very important weeks of toilet training, routine and socialisation. Trixie is a Border Collie, and even in those early days, when she wasn’t able to go on walks, very much needed mentally stimulating. At the end of each session, Nicola would give me our ‘homework’ to practice for the next lesson. It was brilliant to be focused from the start, and I’ve reaped the rewards since. I also had with Trixie many collie type traits, she wanted to chase cars, bikes, balls, basically anything that moves. Nicola showed me different strategies to try and techniques to work on. It took some time, but she will now run through fields of sheep off lead, watch the cricket off lead, and ignore cyclists and cars. She’s just 12 months. I can honestly credit how amazing she is to those earlier home sessions, and subsequent group training sessions with Nicola and Contented Canines.