Our dog Ronnie is a rescue yard GSD


Our dog Ronnie is a rescue yard GSD, he came to us when he was about 2 years old, for the beginning of his life he was tied up morning, noon and night. Nicola from Contented PetCare was recommended to us by Victoria Vets at a routine visit, as someone who could help us understand Ronnie’s issues.

During Nicola’s visits she helped us understand and deal with Ronnie’s insecurities, only after a few visits Ronnie came on in leaps and bounds, this was due to not only Nicola’s guidance with Ronnie but also the help and advice she gave both my husband and I.

Nicola also helped us purchase a correctly fitting harness, halter and lead, which has resulted in me having the confidence and be able to enjoy long walks with Ronnie without my husband.

Thanks to Nicola’s advice, over the summer holidays, we have spent time socialising Ronnie with lots of dogs, all different sizes and breeds, he now has a very good friend in a springer spaniel called Fergus, this year for the first time at our caravan, we have been able to sit in company where Ronnie was very happy to lay besides Fergus, everyone who knows Ronnie at our caravan site have commented on the change in him.

Since our meetings, we have also on several occasions felt confident enough, where there has been no distractions to let Ronnie off the lead, with Ronnie staying by my husband’s side the whole time, previously he would have just taken off. Nicola also gave us basic treat training, this has resulted in Ronnie now listening to commands and responding really well.

We can’t thank Nicola enough for all her help and guidance, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nicola to anyone who needs help understanding their pet. Ronnie does miss his monthly visit from Nicola, he was always so excited to see her, so if you are ever passing Nicola, please feel free to drop in.

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