We initially asked Nicola for a home assessment


We initially asked Nicola for a home assessment after taking on an 18 month old cocker spaniel (Clara) who had lived all her life in a kennel. Clara wasn’t house trained and didn’t know any basic commands. Nicola spent some time talking us through Clara’s routine and any concerns we had and getting to know what we would like her to help us with. Nicola had so many great ideas about helping Clara settle into home life, helping us with ideas from teaching her basic commands, through to keeping her entertained and using up her boundless energy. Nicola even managed to teach our 13 year old cocker some new commands! We took on every piece of advice Nicola gave us and we now have a very settled, very content, well behaved little dog. No-one would ever imagine she had spent her first 18 months in a kennel! We certainly felt the home visit was extremely useful for Nicola to understand Clara’s routines and see her in the home environment. We can’t thank Nicola enough and would recommend her to anyone who takes on a dog not matter what age.

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