Hi I’m Nicola,
A puppy training expert a.k.a. The Puppy Nanny.

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The Puppy Nanny

Raising puppies is hard work and can often seem like an overwhelming responsibility.

I was the puppy owner sat on the floor of my living room in floods of tears because my arms were criss-crossed with bite marks and scratchmarks. I was exhausted from night time toilet breaks and constant supervision. I was scared that I had made a huge mistake. And I was stressed and worried because I had no idea how to raise a puppy.

Fast forward 14 years and I have found out everything there is to know about puppies! I have worked with my own dogs and hundreds of clients dogs to fix their puppy problems.

  • Is your puppy constantly stealing things and running off with them?
  • Are you also covered in bite marks and scratches, and are your clothes full of clothes?
  • Has your furniture become a favourite chew toy?
  • Does your puppy keep weeing and pooing everywhere in the house?
  • Have you got a crate but your puppy cries every time you shut the door?
  • Are you stressed out about the whole ‘socialisation’ thing?

This is where I come in!

I can solve ALL of these problems for you and much much more.

How can I help?

Puppy Nanny Service

This is our BRAND NEW Puppy Nanny Service, where we take charge of the training and socialisation for your brand new puppy!

Suitable for all puppies under the age of 6 months, this done-for-you service carefully works through a programme of training and socialisation challenges to make sure that your puppy grows up to be a happy, healthy adult dog!

Professional teachers teach our children, why not treat our puppies the same! Let us take care of everything, from toilet training and teething, to socialisation and stealing.

This service is one-on-one with your puppy so they have our undivided attention!

Apply for the Puppy Nanny Service

Please note – due to Covid 19 restrictions we cannot guarantee that all of our training classes will be able to take place in exactly the way they would in normal times. However we are continuing with all of our training classes, which may include a combination of in-person 1-2-1 training, group classes and video classes.

Puppy Training Service

Perfect Puppy Course

Get yourself booked onto my Perfect Puppy Course and come along to learn how to train and socialise your puppy.

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Puppy Training

Perfect Puppy Home Training Package

Invite me round for your Perfect Puppy Home Training Package and I will solve your specific problems in less than 24 hours!

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The Puppy Nanny Service

Puppy Nanny Service

Apply for my Puppy Nanny Service and let me take care of all of the training and socialisation your puppy needs with your bespoke Puppy Nanny Programme.

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About The Puppy Nanny

My name is Nicola Davies, puppy training expert a.k.a. The Puppy Nanny.

I’m also Mum to Thomas aged 10, and Pet-Mum to Joey the Labrador, and Mavis and Kwazi the cats. I love yoga and cuddling up with a good book, and I love our beautiful planet earth and the great outdoors!

I actually wasn’t ever supposed to work with dogs!

Although I had grown up with family dogs I quickly realised I was completely out of my depth and knew nothing about puppies. I loved him to bits but I quickly realised I needed a lot more than love to raise a puppy.

That was over 10 years ago and I now run a successful dog training and walking business in North West England. During the day I visit clients in their own homes to help them to train their puppies and dogs with my Puppy Home Training Package, or to take care of the training and socialisation for them with my Puppy Nanny Service. Then in the evenings I teach my popular Perfect Puppy Course to puppy owners from the local area and beyond! […]

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About The Puppy Nanny

I cannot write down all the positive changes – there have been too many! The combination of the puppy course and the puppy nanny have made such a difference. I just wish I had started the puppy nanny sooner.

I have even been recommending the course and the puppy nanny to dog owners I meet out and about, who comment on how well behaved Sandie is.

Alyssa with Sandie

Saffy has settled in fantastically, she is crate trained and is now toilet trained. Her mouthing/biting has dramatically reduced; she is a loving and loyal pup who brings so much enjoyment. Nicola has given the whole family confidence in owning our first dog.

The service is second to none. The Puppy nanny service is fantastic – it’s really supplemented our pup’s socialisation and is great when I can’t be at home all day. I have already recommended to friends.

Louise with Saffy

Attending your puppy and training classes was he best thing we could have done for Toby. Your dedication and passion for dog training comes through in all your classes. Your support and guidance has helped us tremendously. Toby learnt so much as did mum and I and also had lots of fun.

Heather, Maureen and Toby

Our pups are always really happy on puppy nanny day – they get so excited to see Nicola, Debbie or Fiona. The boys are done really well with their training and have come on on their walks so much.

Harriet, Ben, Winston & Hugo

Beau has become more confident and her socialisation is brilliant due to both the Puppy Training and Puppy Nanny. We as new puppy owners have also benefited from attending the Puppy Training and having Nicola and her team on hand for advice. We would definitely recommend to other dog owners.

Nigel and Kim with Beau

I was worried about Ralph being alone and unhappy while we were out at work all day, leading to separation anxiety and behavioural issues. Ralph has learned some basic commands and is learning how to walk on a lead and play nicely. Ralph is really happy and we don’t have to worry about him on the days that we are out!

Rebecca with Ralph

The course is full of useful advice and training goes at a pace that allows time to practise skills with the pup, but also done in small bit sized chunks so that pup doesn’t get distracted/bored.

Gail with Harley

We had really good recommendations through friends and Gus is coming along really well, responding to new things being taught, less bitey and generally responds well to training.

Lucy with Gus

We all learnt invaluable skills that have eased us into being dog owners, and Buster loved meeting other dogs each week of the courses. Nicola is always very calm and clear in her instructions, and will guide you if, and when you go wrong. My daughter was inspired to take the agility course too, and this has now become one of her hobbies. Thanks to Contented Canines for all your help.

Rhoda with Buster

Took my Tia to the training classes earlier in the year and she loved every minute of it socialising with the other dogs and leaning to sit and stay etc. Her daughter Bella is to follow in her footsteps and starts training in January after attending a Puppy Playgroup.

Jane with Tia and Bella

Nicola and her team are proficient, friendly and always willing to offer help and encouragement. Having attended both the Foundation Skills Course and the follow on Skills for Life Course we are well on the way to having an obedient dog who is fun to be with. A great ‘find’!!

Ruth, Julie and Hesketh

She gave us ideas and thoughts and most definitely they worked in practice. She truly is a dog whisperer! Her love of all animals is apparent and at the heart of all she does.

The Hazelhurst Family with Hennessey

Nicola’s approach is very professional and consistent and we understood what we needed to do to successfully train our dogs. We found Nicola very friendly and knowledgeable and very very patient!

Paul with Sam and Daisy

It was brilliant to be focused from the start, and I’ve reaped the rewards since….She’s just 12 months. I can honestly credit how amazing she is to those earlier home sessions, and subsequent group training sessions with Nicola…

Zoe with Trixie