Dog Training Classes

Please note – due to Covid 19 restrictions we cannot guarantee that all of our training classes will be able to take place in exactly the way they would in normal times. However we are continuing with all of our training classes, which may include a combination of in-person 1-2-1 training, group classes and video classes.

Contented Canines Training

Contented Canines Training School offers Puppy and Adult Dog Training Classes, and private Home Training Sessions in Glossop and surrounding areas.

Dog training Classes

Run by experienced dog trainer Nicola Davies BA (Hons.) MAPDT 01059 CAP1, all classes use only the most up to date modern reward based training techniques to get the most out of your dog. Classes are fully insured, and spaces are limited to ensure you receive individual attention.

Puppy and adult dog training classes are a fantastic and enjoyable way to educate, train and socialise your dog or puppy, and are also a great way for dog owners to meet other like-minded people and make new friends – both canine and human!

The training curriculum is always tailored to the learning speed and needs of each class and individual dogs. As a reward based training class we do not endorse any harsh methods. We use hands-off, positive training using treats, praise and encouragement to help the dogs learn. All class attendees will receive a starter pack which includes a clicker and treats!

Why not get in touch to see how we can help you and your dog!

You can book your place on our training classes on our website, start by selecting the class below:

Fun and Focus for Fido

Does your dog already know the basics, and you are ready for something fun? Or are you looking for some outdoor training classes where you can work on focussing your dogs attention around distractions? Our Fun and Focus course is specifically designed for dogs who have already attended any of our previous courses and are ready to take their training to the next level! Through a mixture of tricks, games, scentwork, agility and rally you will work and play with your dog while leraning valuable skills that you will be able to put into practice out and about on walks!


Total Dog Walking Toolkit

Every dog owner wants to have happy, relaxed and fun walks with their dogs! Unfortunately our dogs sometimes have different ideas! It can be a far cry from the wonderful walks you would love to enjoy, with your dog trotting happily beside you no matter what else is going on, staying close when off the lead and coming back quickly every time you call! Our Total Dog Walking Toolkit Course teaches you all of the exercises you need to have happy walks with your dog!


The Barky Bunch Club

Does your dog bark or lunge at other dogs or people on walks? Are dog walks scary and stressful because you are worried about what your dog might do? You want to be able to enjoy relaxed and happy walks with your dog without constantly looking over your shoulder and checking round corners to see what potential threats lie ahead. Let me show you how at the Barky Bunch Club!


The Delightful Dog Course

DO YOU WANT THE PERFECT DOG? Our Delightful Dog Course is for puppies and dogs of any age and ability who are new to training. It is also the perfect follow on from our Perfect Puppy Course! We teach you and your dog the skills and exercises you need for real life situations and then practice them in the set ups that you need them most.