About The Puppy Nanny

Who Am I?

My name is Nicola Davies, puppy training expert a.k.a. The Puppy Nanny.

I’m also Mum to Thomas aged 10, and Pet-Mum to Joey the Labrador, and Mavis and Kwazi the cats. I love yoga and cuddling up with a good book, and I love our beautiful planet earth and the great outdoors!

I actually wasn’t ever supposed to work with dogs!

I grew up in a village rural Lincolnshire, the oldest of 7 (yes 7!) children, and spent most of my spare time drawing and painting. When it came to career choices I decided to take a degree in Architecture.

After a few years working in architecture my life completely changed when in 2005 we welcomed a little black ball of Labrador fluff into our home – Joey arrived!

Although I had grown up with family dogs I quickly realised I was completely out of my depth and knew nothing about puppies. I loved him to bits but I quickly realised I needed a lot more than love to raise a puppy.

So I started taking him to dog training classes and I loved it. I travelled around the country working with different dog trainers learning different training techniques, and in my spare time I started reading everything I could find about dogs, dog training and behaviour.

This went from being a hobby to an obsession, and I went from studying to setting up my own puppy training classes, and eventually leaving the world of Architecture completely behind.

What I Do

That was over 10 years ago and I now run a successful dog training and walking business in North West England. During the day I visit clients in their own homes to help them to train their puppies and dogs with my Puppy Home Training Package, or to take care of the training and socialisation for them with my Puppy Nanny Service. Then in the evenings I teach my popular Perfect Puppy Course to puppy owners from the local area and beyond!

Who Can I Help

  • Brand new puppy parents, or soon-to-be puppy parents
  • Experienced dog owners who haven’t had a puppy in a while
  • Busy parents with a demanding young family I can help
  • Hard-working professional out at work all day
  • New puppy parents who just want the best start in life for their precious pup

Why Choose Me

I’m passionate about puppies. I know they are adorable, right? But they grow up into dogs, and dogs are even better than puppies. It’s true! Best friends, confidantes, comforters and companions. Cuddlers and exercise buddies. Personal trainers and matchmakers. Caring protectors. Simply put, dogs make our lives better.

And if we give our puppies the perfect start, they will grow up to be perfect dogs.

I firmly believe that proper puppy training and socialisation is the recipe for the dog of your dreams. I also believe that proper puppy training and socialisation could significantly reduce the frustrating, stressful and upsetting training and behavioural problems which lots of our pet dogs end up suffering from.

I also take a comprehensive approach to all of my puppy training which involves the whole family. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a whole family on the same page to raise the perfect puppy! I’m not just training the puppy, I’m working with you and your family to.

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