Perfect Puppy Courses

The Puppy Nanny Playgroup

Our Perfect Puppy Playgroups are back! Join me for small carefully monitored puppy playgroup sessions for you and your puppy. These sessions are suitable for puppies under the age of 26 weeks. We will work on carefully and safely socialising your puppy people, other puppies, sounds, objects and obstacles. I will also chat about why bad socialisation is dangerous for your dogs and how you can carry on with it at home! (And why socialisation isn't just about introducing your puppy to other dogs!).


The Perfect Puppy Home Training Package

Book in for my Perfect Puppy Home Training package. In the comfort of your own home we will solve all of your common puppy problems, from settling and socialisation, to teething and toilet training. Plus I will show you how to keep your puppy busy at home with games and confidence building activities. Book your space now!


S.O.S. – Save our Sanity Emergency Puppy Call

You’ve made the decision to adopt a puppy or new dog, chosen a breed and welcomed the fluffy little bundle of joy into your home! It’s such an exciting time! But you weren’t prepared for how much hard work she is! The first 6 months is non-stop and can be really difficult! And then just when you think you are getting the hang of it adolescence kicks in! Why not book in for an S.O.S Call with us so that we can guide you along the right path to happy puppy companionship!


The Perfect Puppy Course

DO YOU WANT THE PERFECT PUPPY? Our Perfect Puppy Course will show you how! It is suitable for puppies aged 6 months and under, from as soon as they have completed their vaccination course. We focus on teaching you and your puppy the skills and exercises you need for real life situations! It includes Ready Steady Socialise which is our programme to ensure early, effective and safe puppy socialisation to prevent problems from developing as your dog matures.


One-to-one Training and Socialisation Walks

Do you need help with your nervous new puppy out and about? Or are you struggling with leadwork and distractions on walks? Book me in to join you on a Training and Socialisation Walk and I can coach you through the process one-to-one, working on your specific problems and needs. I am able to do all of this whilst still maintaining social distancing regulations, meeting you at a convenient outside space.


Puppy Nanny School Trip

Join us for one of our Puppy Nanny School Trips! On our school trips we have a little walk, visit local dog friendly businesses and usually finish off with some refreshments somewhere! This is a great opportunity for socialisation and training for puppies under the age of 6 months, and walks for puppies and dogs over 6 months.


Puppy Nanny Milestone Cards

The first few weeks and months of new puppy parenthood go by in a flash, so I wanted to help new puppy owners mark the exciting moments by creating precious memories that you can share with family and friends and keep forever! This pack of 10 Puppy Milestone Cards are perfect for every new puppy paw-rent. Each card is A6 size and printed on high quality white card.