S.O.S. – Save our Sanity Emergency Puppy Call


You’ve made the decision to adopt a puppy or new dog, chosen a breed and welcomed the fluffy little bundle of joy into your home! It’s such an exciting time! You look forward to lovely long walks together, dog friendly holidays and cosy cuddles up at the end of a full day together. A new companion for your resident dog or a comforter and protector for your children. You want to show your new family member off to the world!

But you weren’t prepared for how much hard work she is! The first 6 months is non-stop and can be really difficult! And then just when you think you are getting the hang of it adolescence kicks in! This can be a really trying time and you may find yourself with new challenges to work on, especially if you have rescued an older dog or puppy whose previous owners haven’t put in the hard work of training!

Needle teeth biting at hands and clothes; Chewing at furniture and household fittings; Toileting all over the house; Scaring the children and visitors to the house by jumping all over them; Constant refereeing between pup and the resident dog and other pets; Phew – I could go on!

All of these behaviours are perfectly normal healthy puppy behaviours but many puppies need a nudge in the right direction to help them grow out of them. And on top of working on these issues as a responsible owner you also need to factor in socialisation, feeding a good diet and getting the right amount of exercise.

Sadly many puppies end up in rescues before the age of 6 months. Don’t let your puppy be one of those! Why not book in for a 30 minute S.O.S Call with us so that we can guide you along the right path to happy puppy companionship!


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