Separation Anxiety (Dogs that can’t be left alone)

Dogs are social creatures and they love having company. It is part of our job as responsible owners to teach them to enjoy alone time too! As puppies and young dogs they have a natural instinct to want to stay close to those who are important to them.

Seperation anxiety

If we simply leave them unattended or shut them somewhere on their own without a proper introduction to alone time they may develop separation anxiety. And if we don’t introduce the crate or kennel appropriately this can become a punishing place of confinement rather than a safe and cosy den.

Separation anxiety is characterised by anxious stressed behaviour when your dog is on her own. Some dogs will toilet in inappropriate places, some will bark, whine or howl, some dogs will dog, chew and become destructive. In severe cases she may even hurt herself trying to escape to get back to you.

Some owners hope the problem will get better in time but sadly in most cases it does not – it gets worse. Each time she is left on her own and experiences the blinding panic associated with it she reminds herself how horrific being on her own is, and stores it in her memory for the future. No dog owner wants their dog to have to go through this.

And your dog doesn’t have to. We can help you plan a routine which introduces her to the idea of being left alone in a positive way so that she actually enjoys their alone time! Get in touch to find out how!

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But don’t just take our word for it! Read this case study and reference from one Contented Canine and his happy owner!

Winston is a very busy and energetic field spaniel. His owner Marie got in touch with me when Winston developed severe separation anxiety. Marie had been based at home with him since he was a young puppy and had not needed to leave him alone. When she did try to leave him he couldn’t cope at all, salivating, shaking, crying and toileting in distress.

I have a dog that suffers greatly with separation anxiety. I am so glad that Nicola was recommended to me. She taught me so many techniques to alleviate his stress that immediately made both our lives so much better. Very happy to recommend Contented PetCare to anyone who wants to make their, and their dogs, life happier. Thank you Nicola.

Marie Tomlinson and Winston

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