Love Glossop, Shop Local!

Last Monday 12th April was a big step in the release from lockdown, when all retail, indoor leisure, personal care and outdoor hospitality opened. I know a lot of us have been really looking forward to this date, whether its to have their haircut, get back to the gym, or meet friends for a drink.

It’s also a big step for us dog owners and our dogs because we can finally start our pub dog training!

This is something that has been at the top of my dog training list for 7 month old Pippi, the GSD. In the future I want to be able to go for a nice walk out in the countryside, followed by by a stop at a dog-friendly pub for a drink and some food. And I want her to settle down nicely under the table while I do this, without pulling to see the other dogs and people in the pub, and without trying to steal my chips! (I’m thinking of my old dog Joey here!)

But she isn’t just going to do this by herself, I need to train her to do this. So I’ve already put a lot of training into place. She knows Sit and Lie Down, Stay and Settle and Leave It. And we’ve been practising at home and out on walks when we’ve stopped for picnics.

So next stop is the pub!

We are so lucky to have loads of fantastic dog-friendly pubs in the area, all in easy walking distance (and perfect for a pub-crawl!).

I’m passionate about supporting local businesses, especially at this tricky time when many will need a helping hand to get started again – if they are dog-friendly even better! So working with the Love Glossop Support Local campaign which aims to support local businesses during the re-opening period, I’ve been doing a bit of research to check which pubs are welcoming dogs, and thought I would share my list with you. (If I have missed anyone off, please let me know and I will add them – I’ve left room!)

The aim of the Love Glossop Support Local campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of shopping, eating and drinking locally, and to keep this idea to the forefront of people’s minds as businesses start to re-open. You can find out more about the campaign here;


So having said all that, all that’s left for me to decide is, where to go to first!

Let me know if you have any recommendations, or photos of your pub dogs!

Enjoy your weekend,

Nicola x

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