So… love is in the air… it’s just 3 days until Valentines Day!!!

And I know that we’ve got a whole lotta love for our doggies!

Now I’m going to let you into a little secret. I don’t just train and walk dogs, I’m also a doggy matchmaker extraordinaire!

When me and my sisters were little we loved watching Blind Date, the original matchmaking show, on a Saturday night, guessing who would be chosen by who.

Dating since the 80’s and 90’s has moved online to dating apps, and Blind Date has been replaced by shows like Married at First Sight and Love Island.

But how does this relate to our dogs?

Doggy matchmaking is a special skill. You see, not all dogs will get along with all other dogs, in the same way that not all people will get on with all other people.

Think about it. Some dogs are more confident and outgoing, some are more shy and reserved. Some dogs like to play by wrestling, some like games of chase. Some dogs like hikes in the hills, some like saunters down the street.

So with my Puppy Nanny and Dog Walking service I like to get to know each of the individual dogs and puppies first before I decide who might be a good match for a play date.

Once I have got to know them really well, I can pair dogs up with other dogs who might enjoy a swim in the reservoirs together, or who might enjoy a game of bitey face together!

Or which younger quieter dogs might benefit from the nurturing of a confident but sensitive adult. Or which giddy teenagers might need the sensible guidance of an older calmer dog.

Just call me the Cilla Black of the doggy world!

If your dog would just LOVE to be matched up for a play date, contact me with their dating profile and I’ll be in touch!

Nicola x

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