Have you heard about my Puppy Playgroups?

My Puppy Playgroups are hour long socialisation and confidence building sessions, specifically for puppies who are aged 6 months and under.

I hold these twice a month and recommend that you come to as many as you can!


1. Your puppy can have a play and explore on my confidence building course which consists of tunnels, ramps and wobbly boards.

2. Your puppy can get used to focussing on you in a different environment

3. Your puppy can socialise with new puppies of different ages and breeds in a safe supervised environment

4. Your puppy can meet new people and have positive experiences

5. You can ask me all of the questions you want to about what is and isn’t normal with your puppy

6. You can meet other puppy owners to share stories and problems you might be having

7. You can enjoy some peace and quiet after the session because your puppy will be tired out!

You can book your space here;

Let me know if you have any questions,

Nicola x

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