Who’s been watching Crufts?

So, who’s been watching Crufts this weekend?

I know a few people who have been to visit, and lots of you are watching it on TV, and the standout part of Crufts that everyone mentions is watching how clever the dogs are!!!

This is absolutely my favourite thing about dogs.

I’m not fussed about best in show, or which dog looks better than another dog.

What I like is watching the dogs having an absolute ball on the Agility circuit, the young handlers and their dogs for the Kennel Club Young Handlers scheme, the amazing police dogs loving their work, the therapy dogs and the medical detection dogs.

And if you couldn’t make it and want to catch up, you can watch lots of it here;


Working with your dog, and having a relationship where they trust you to keep them safe and listen to you when you ask them is what dog training should be about.

If you would like to learn how clever your dog is, teach them new skills like agility, and help them learn to listen to you, what better way to start than with my Fun and Focus Course;

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Nicola x

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