Dog Walking in Glossop

This Springtime walk is up and around Shire Hill Woods in Glossop.

It is quite a steep walk with some amazing views, and a combination of off-lead and on-lead walking for your dog. It usually takes us between 45 minutes and an hour depending on how much playing we do up on the hill! Wear walking boots or wellies!

  1. Start off at the mini roundabout at the end of Shepley Street at the start of the path towards Mossy Lea Farm.
  2. Head along the path then turn right over the wooden bridge which leads to a steep climb up to Shire Hill. Once at the top go through the wooden gate.
  3. Take the path upwards to your left which is slightly less steep but still a good climb. Keep following this until you come to the top of the hill!
  4. Follow the path back down the hill past the disused quarry until you cross over into the woods and fields behind the houses on Queens Drive
  5. You can then head across the playing fields off Pyegrove and to the top left corner of the field is a narrow path which you can follow back to Old Glossop.
  6. You will rejoin Old Glossop at Manor Park Road so continue towards the Bulls Head and then turn right back onto Shepley street which will lead you back to the start!

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