Dog walking

This is one of my all-time favourites for a summer walk and training! Lovely woodlands and wide open spaces!

It is a walk around Brabyns Park in Marple Bridge, about 20 minutes away from Glossop. Park in the car park for Brabyns Park which is off the A626. The walk takes between 30 and 45 minutes and can be muddy.


  1. Start in the car park. Stand with the children’s playground on your left hand side. You will see a steep, rough path leading up into the woods. Walk along this path and keep heading forward.
  2. This will bring you out at a path which leads over the railway line, which is on your left hand side. Ignore this pat and walk along the rough track through the woods straight ahead and keep following this track. It will take you through a lovely woodland full of wild garlic. But be careful bits of this path are very narrow and there is a steep drop!
  3. After a while you will come to a fenced off property, and there will be paths to the canal on your left hand side. Take the path that runs alongside the left of the property, then follow the path to the right.
  4. Stay with this path through more woodland until you come to a downhill slope which brings you over a small bridge out onto a big field.
  5. Walk to the left hand side round the edge of the field which will then take you alongside the river.
  6. When you have walked round the field the path will lead you back into some wood alongside the river. Continue along here and then take a left hand turn when you come out onto a path with a poo bin.
  7. You will come to a house and a bridge. Don’t cross the bridge but turn right to stick to the path.
  8. You can then keep to this path all the way along the riverside back to the car park. You will need to take a right hand turn after the stone wall on your right ends and follow this up to the car park.

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