STAR TRICK – Settle on Mat

Sit on mat

My star trick for this issue is ‘Settle on a Mat’! Autumn is the perfect time to start teaching this invaluable exercise to your dog.

We are preparing for Trick-or-treaters knocking at the door, and then before long it will be time for Christmas visitors.

Planning lovely Autumnal walks with a pub lunch? Take your mat with you and teach ‘Settle’ under the table! There are no end of uses to this trick!


  1. Choose a blanket, towel or mat to use
  2. Load one hand with treats and hold your clicker in the other hand.
  3. Wait for your dog to show any interest at all in the mat then click and treat. (This can be looking at it, sniffing it, walking across it, sitting or lying down on it)
  4. Set your dog up for a repetition by throwing the treat on the floor for your dog to find instead of feeding the treat into his mouth.
  5. Then wait again for your dog to show any interest and repeat!


If your dog shows no interest at all in the mat, don’t lead him on with your hand or a treat. Throw a treat over to the other side of the mat and then when he comes back to you and walks across the mat click and throw a treat again.

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